Workspaces: A Productivity tool for Microsoft Windows

Presenting Workspaces, An Windows application that helps you to quickly load your day to day work items. 

With Workspaces, you are no longer required to run one by one your daily-use applications. All you have to do is to create Workspaces as per your needs, add tasks to them and from the next time run all at once via a single click. You can also launch the Workspaces app at the Windows startup.

How to use it?

1. Create a new Workspace. Provide a valid name to it.

2. Add new tasks to it. 

There are three types of task: 

  • Application Task that opens any windows application.
  • Application + Directory Task that opens the application passing that directory as an argument. This is helpful for applications like VSCode, Visual Studio, IDEs etc.
  • URL Task that opens the provided URL in the default browser.
3. Save the workspace. Add other per your needs.

4. Run the workspace by clicking the launch button.

Download the latest version using the below button:

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