Bizgurukul: A new Scam in the Market


You would have seen so many people sharing pics on Instagram showing their earnings from Affiliate marketing that they have learnt from Bizgrukul. But have you ever wondered how do they earn that much money and why their earning is always a multiple of 1000k

If you visit the BizGurkul official website home page, you will see a button saying "Start Your Earning". Now the question is, are they really selling a course? or it's just a new way of MLM Scam.

Now let us compare BizGurukul with EBiz. If you don't know about EBiz, Read this article here

EBiz: We are selling you Computer courses for 10k.
BizGurukul: We are selling you a Digital Marketing course for 3.5k, 6k and 10k. (You can get a better course free on Youtube or on Udemy for as low as 500 rupees).

EBiz: Earn while you learn. Ask others to join Ebiz by paying 10k
BizGurukul: Earn while you learn. We will pay you if you delude others to buy our Not So Valuable courses.

From this comparison, we can infer that BizGurukul is nothing but is a Digital version of Ebiz. A much bigger Scam than Ebiz. 

Here is a detailed explanation by a Youtuber.

Please save yourself, your family and friends from this SCAM.

Here are some Complaints from the new BizGurukal joinees (Source). None of the below complaints is modified by us:

On 10 august around 9 pm in the evening i purchased the gold plan of bizgurukul worth inr 3000. As i was misled by an individual claiming that you can earn lot of money from it by selling the course but no inside details were given as how to do it and am finding extremely difficult to understand it. As pandemic time is there please help me in getting my money refunded.


I have purchased the sapphire package worth rs. 6000 and I'm not able to do anything related to course. The person from whom I have purchased the course she is not even ready to reply. I want my money back please see the screenshot of payment and help me to get My money back. It's very difficult to manage in this pandemic situation without money.

The people who are enrolled with the company call themselves an sponsor and tell people to enroll under different package to earn while you learn and after enrolling with them after that no help from company and no hep from the sponsor and after that they block the number of the candidate and don’t reply to any phone call or message as well.


I want to complain about a Profile on Instagram @minalllvasa this profile is fooling innocent people on who are in need of job due to Pandemic situation and asking them to buy a course package from bizgurukul.

 Many people lost their money because they thought they'll get online job after the course but 

there's no such job after buying the course package . There are a group of people who are 

connected to this bizgurukul organisation and they're SCAMMING INNOCENT PEOPLE.

I also have proof many people messaged me about how they lost their money.

They're are lot of people in this group who are using fake SCREENSHOTS to scam innocent people and promising them for job.

They scam people to sell their course packages.

They don't even refund the money.

This needs to stop as early as possible I'm attaching the SCREENSHOTS with proof many 

people are getting into the scam because of one viral reels on Instagram at @minalllvasa profile .

Lots of people are loosing there money by getting fascinated by the fake earnings screenshots at minal vasa's profile on Instagram. @minalllvasa

That profile is using fake SCREENSHOTS and fake chats to attract people for the scam .

That profile is getting popular amongst youngsters and targeting them to sell their course package and promising them for job . 


I want to refund my amount. I'm purchase gold course due to misunderstanding muje aesa nahi pata tha ki course sale karna h muje aesa laga tha ki product sales karne hai par muje ye nahi pata tha ki course hi product hai please muje amount refund chahiye mene ye course 6th July raat 11 baje purchase kia hai  


Mene 1 months phle 3500 rupees mai gold package liya tha wo bhi vinay ji khne par aur unhone mujse kha tha ki aap agar ye package buy kroge to mai aapko 2000 ka profit kraunga fir baad mai aur bhi profit kraunga mne unke khne par gold package buy kr liya but aaj 2 months complete hone ja rhe na to wo kuch help krte hai na ho call ka proper reply dte hai agar bizgurukul ko ese hi fraud tarike se paisa kamana hai do band krdo ye kaam aur apne employee se bolo ki wo road pr khade hokar bheek maange kisi ko dhoka to nhi denge is kaam mai at least...farud Person name Vinay and his contact number is [protected] ...agar company is person se mera paisa waapas kra degi to mai samjunga ki company to shi but ye employee fraud hai logo se jhoot bolkar paise kamate hai fir logo ka call receive nhi krte .ese fraud logo ko company ka member hi nhi banana name is Devesh Kumar yadav from Agra .. please take any action immediately to refund my money 3500 rupees. 

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